Computer Division

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Computer Division provides various Computing and Network Services for its staff and students. Division provides in house solutions using latest information technology with strengths in highly qualified, trained and motivated manpower and state of art infrastructure.

Key Strengths

Proficiency in Oracle, Java, PHP

Big Database Management

Designing & development of Window based software's in house.


In house software development

Database Management

Networking Solutions & Services

Infrastructure Procurement, Installation & Maintenance

Information Security Solutions

Storage Solutions

Web Services

User Support Services


Academic & Research

Softwares in use

Hospital Information System

Personnel Information System

Back Office Automation for Accounts Department (Includes Billing, Salary, Pension)

Back Office Automation for Purchase, Pharmacy, Main Store, Staff/Student Accommodation management

Back Office Automation for Laboratories

SCTNet - Personal Information Software, Gatepass system

Recruitment Processing, OMR Evaluation

Gateway Protection & Data Security

Email Service under Institute Domain

Web Portal - E-learning, Institutional Digital Repository, Pensioners Portal, Patient Portal, Vendors Portal, Customer Service Cell, Blood Donor Portal, Compendium

SCTIMST e-Mitra - Mobile Application for SCTIMST Staff/Students

Web Sites - Internet, Intranet

EMR for Cardiology, Cardiac Surgery, Neurology, Neurosurgery and ISIR OPDs

Biometric Attendance Processing System

Online Admission Form Submission

Online staff recruitment

Online student evaluation

Online staff/student leave entry and approval

Online submission and evaluation for Technical Advisory Committee

Online transport management system

Online IP Patient Billing and Scheme management

Online Service call management

Online Institute Compendium

Online Board Meeting Softwaret

Online Customer Support Service

Project Portal-for monitoring institute projects

Patient Information KIOSKs

Picture Archival and Communication System(PACS)

Symantec Endpoint Protection

Veritas Netbackup



MS Project

VMWare Vshpere 6.5, 5.1

MDaemon Mail Server

Cisco ISE


Project title - "Develop a value based e-delivery system for health care management and research", Funding from Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Govt. of India & SCTIMST. The main objective is to set up a robust IT infrastructure to implement e-delivery system for health care management and research for the benefit of patients, doctors, research community and outsiders. Major part of the project is to set up a mini data centre with all servers, storage and networking units for providing 24 x 7 service to the community. Project implementation is by Computer Division, SCTIMST.

The project has a total outlay of Rs. 12,55,79,064 /- where MEITY share is Rs 8,94,93,974 /- and SCTIMST share is Rs 6,60,85,590 /-. The period of the project is 2 years from 02/01/2017.


28 Mbps leased line internet connection, NKN Connectivity.

Wi-fi enabled, inter connected campus with 400 nodes.

SAN Storages - 60 TB (SAS), 85 TB(SATA), 385 TB, 400 TB

144 TB Tape Library - 1

Hyperconverged system with 3 nodes - 1

Oracle ODA HA, Database Server

Web Servers - 4

Institute Email Server - 1

Application/Management/Terminal Servers - 14

Network Security Equipments - 2

Routers and Switches - 89

Wireless Controller - 1, Access Points - 50

Barcode Printers - 50

Thermal Printers - 7

ID Card Printers - 4

Laser Printers - 112

Dot-Matrix Printers - 50

Barcode Scanners - 55

Document Scanners - 20

PC - 321

Thin Clients - 137

Tablets - 23

Kiosks - 2

Computer Lab with 20 PCs

Common browsing facility in Library with 10 PCs

OMR Test evaluation facility for Staff/Students Recruitment

User Support Services - A true convergence of services , satisfying entire need of Organization.

Maintenance of software and hardware

Support for research activities

Web site updates

Monitoring and management of servers, switches, intrusion detection systems, firewalls.

Patch management, upgrades

Security assessments, security audits

Responding to emergencies.

Best Practices Followed for Services

User focus & service

Hardware and software vendor independence

Decrease in cost of ownership as much as possible

Hardware units of best performance, flexibility and scalability

Security and Resilience

Centralized and efficient service call management

Application Availability

Decrease in associated electricity consumption

Physical space constraints, server, storage tiering

Flexibility and scalability of all systems