Dr. Rupa Sreedhar
Professor Senior Grade
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Post Doctoral Certificate Course: Cardiothoracic Vascular and Neurosurgical Anesthesiology.

DNBE (Anesthesiology), National board of examinations.

MD (Anesthesiology), University of Kerala .

DA (Anesthesiology), University of Kerala.

MBBS, University of Kerala .

Professor of Anesthesia, SCTIMST.

Additional Professor of Anesthesia, SCTIMST.

Associate Professor of Anesthesia, SCTIMST.

Assistant Professor of Anesthesia, SCTIMST.

Tutor Anaesthesiology, Trivandrum Medical College.

Research Officer of Indian Council of Medical Research, Medical College, Trivandrum.

Dr Kop's award in December 1999 for the best scientific paper presented at the annual conference of Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists (ISA) in the specialty section.

Doctor (Mrs) Rugmani Pandit award-ISA-2000 for the paper titled, 'Lumbar puncture can precipitate bleed from unsuspected intracranial aneurysm'. This paper has been published in the Indian Journal of Anaesthesia, 2002; 46 (5): 386-390 .

Doctor Y. G. Bhojraj award-ISA-2000 for the review article titled, 'Recent strategies for oxygenation and ventilation'. The article was published in the Indian Journal of Anaesthesia, 2001.

Doctor Y. G. Bhojraj award-ISA-2002 for the review article titled 'Pharmacological Neuroprotection'. This article was published in the Indian journal of Anaesthesia, 2003: 47 (1): 8-22.

Award for the best poster presentation in the 51st National Conference of Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists held at Bhubaneshwar in Orissa State of India. The poster was titled, 'Dilated non-reacting pupils need not indicate brain death in haemorrhagic shock'.

Cardiothoracic and Vascular Anesthesia.

Transesophageal echocardiography.

Postoperative intensive care.

Medical ethics.

Program in-charge of the Cardiothoracic and Vascular Anesthesia division.

Member of Academic Committee of the Institute.

Chairperson of the Complaints Committee for Redressal of Complaints of Sexual Harassment of Working Women.

Completed Thesis work by Dr. Murali Krishna. T (DM Cardiac anaesthesia Resident in 2010) Myocardial performance index (MPI) is better than ejection fraction (EF) or fractional area change (FAC) as a predictor of postoperative adverse cardiac events. Guides: Dr. Rupa Sreedhar, Dr. Shrinivas.V.G.

Life member of Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists.

Life member of Indian Association of Cardiovascular Thoracic Anaesthesiologists.

Life member of Research Society of Anaesthesiology Clinical Pharmacology.

Life member of Indian Society of Neuroanesthesiology and Critical Care .

Life member of Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine.

Life member of Indian Medical Association.