Dr. Thomas Koshy
Professor Senior Grade & Head
Phone :
0471-2445752 (R) 2524641 (O)

PDCC(Post doctoral Certificate course) in Cardiovascular & Neurosurgical Anaesthesiology;SCTIMST Trivandrum, Kerala, India;December 1993

MD and DA Anaesthesiology;Medical College, KottayamMahatma Gandhi University, Kerala, India;April 1989

MBBS;Medical College, Trivandrum,Kerala University, Kerala, India;September 1983

Professor;SCTIMST, Trivandrum;Apr 2009 onwards

Additional Professor;SCTIMST, Trivandrum;Apr 2002 to Mar 2009

Associate Professor;SCTIMST,Trivandrum;Apr 1998 to Mar 2002

Assistant Professor;SCTIMST, Trivandrum;Apr 1994 to Mar 1998

PDCC student;SCTIMST, Trivandrum, Kerala, India;Jan 1993 to Dec 1993

Anesthesiologist;Private hospitals in Central Travancore, Kerala;June 1989 to Dec 1992

Secretary cum Treasurer of Trivandrum City Branch of ISA for 2 years - 2002.

Vice President of Trivandrum City Branch of ISA for 2 years - 2003.

Organizing Secretary for the 22nd Annual South Zone (Southern States) conference of ISA SZISACON at Trivandrum in August 2005 .

Joint organizing secretary for the 12th annual national conference of Vascular society of India VSICON-2005 at Trivandrum in Nov 2005.

President of the Trivandrum City Branch of ISA.

Transesophageal Echocardiography, Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesia, One Lung Ventilation

In charge of division of Pediatric /Adult Cardiac Anesthesiology in rotation

Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists (ISA) - Life member

Indian Association of Cardiovascular Thoracic Anaesthesiologists (IACTA) - Life member

Indian Medical Association (IMA)- Life member

Indian Society of Neuro Anaesthesia and Critical Care (ISNACC)- Life member

Paediatric Cardiac Society of India (PCSI)- Life member

Indian Society for Study of Pain (ISSP)- Life member

Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine (ISCCM)- Life member

Research Society of Anaesthesia and Clinical Pharmacology (RSACP)- Life member

Accuracy of a novel technique (aortic root perfusion and imaging with TEE) of assessing aortic valve repair on clamp (heart in cardioplegic arrest) with root pressure monitoring and postoperative echo assessment.

Accuracy of a new chest x-ray based method for predicting depth of insertion of endotracheal tube in pediatric patients undergoing cardiac surgery.

Hemodynamic changes in response to mannitol infusion in neurosurgical patients undergoing craniotomy: A Transesophageal Echocardiographic study.

Systemic tranexemic acid facilitates tumor bed haemostasis in neurosurgical patients- Intracranial Pharmacological haemostat ? A randomized controlled trial.

Depth of insertion of left sided double lumen endobronchial tube and a height based formula based on breath sounds over left upper lobe in Asian (India) patients: A prospective study.

Intrapleural morphine vs bupivacaine vs combination of both for post thoracotomy pain: a prospective study.

Positioning of double lumen endobronchial tubes- Correlation between clinical and bronchoscopic findings: a prospective study.


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