IP Services


  • The admission and allotment of bed will be done on patient priority basis and subject to the availability of beds.
  • At the time of admission, a responsible relative of the patient (preferably a male member) must reside within 5kms distance. The name, address and the contact telephone number must be made known to the MRD at admission. He/ She should not change the place till the discharge of the patient, without prior information to MRD or Ward Sister in charge.
  • The responsible relative of the patient must be ready to come as and when called from the hospital for investigations like CT/MRI scan etc.
  • An admitted patient should not be taken out of the hospital without permission of hospital authorities.
  • The food and the clothing required for the patient will be given from the hospital.
  • Items such as tooth brush, tooth paste, soap, comb etc must be kept in the shelf given to the patient.
  • Patients should not keep money, mobile phones, ornaments or costly items while admitted in the hospital.
  • Avoid littering in hospital and surroundings. Waste materials such as paper, cotton, cloth or hair should not be thrown out through the windows.
  • Waste if any generated by patient or relatives should be disposed as per the directions of the hospital.
  • Carrying cloths, vessels and large sized bags to the wards are prohibited.
  • E.C.G, X-ray, other scan films and reports should be kept in the case sheet till discharge.
  • Attendants (bystanders) are not permitted to stay with the patient.

Hospital Charges

  • Patient/ Relative should deposit the required amount at the time of admission.
  • Hospital bill will be prepared at the time of discharge and relative should approach cash counters II/III (Block III, Ground Floor) for settling the bill.
  • In certain cases interim bill will be prepared and relative may have to deposit the required amount.
  • At the time of discharge, all dues must be settled and bills for the same must be obtained.

Visitor's Policy

  • At the time of admission, TWO visitor's passes will be issued to the relatives of the patient from the Medical Records Department Counter.
  • Visitors passes enable TWO persons (one each) to visit the patient during the visiting hours only (4 PM - 6 PM).
  • For non-diabetic patients, apples and oranges may be brought during visiting time.
  • Generally visitors are not allowed for patients admitted in ICU.
  • Persons with fever, flu and other contagious diseases must avoid visiting the patients.
  • Passes are non-transferable; if there is unauthorized use, such passes will be confiscated by the security officials.
  • When the patient is discharged, the visitor's passes must be returned to the ward-in-charge/ nurse without fail.
  • Visitors must keep themselves neat and clean while visiting the patients. Personal hygiene will prevent infections to patients. This is more important in case of small children.

Patient Information

  • We keep the relatives informed of all important developments in patients. Hence, avoid calling the hospital for information.

Procedure - Prior to Procedure

  • Patient admitted for surgery must take bath daily using antiseptic soap.
  • Patient must wash the hair with shampoo.
  • Kindly co-operate with the barber when he/she prepares patient for the surgery.
  • After the preparation, patient should take bath with antiseptic solution, provided by the nurses.
  • If any cut or wound is noticed, kindly inform the nurse on duty.
  • If there is any symptom of infection like fever, cough, cold or if dental caries, discharge from the ear etc. are present, please inform the doctor at the earliest. It should be treated before the surgical procedure to avoid post operative complications.
  • One (or more) day(s) prior to a procedure, doctor will explain about the said procedure and will take consent from the close relative. Hence the relative should always be available on phone.
  • Kindly get special pass issued from the ward to visit the patient on the procedure day in the morning.

Procedure Day

  • Special entry pass will be issued to the relatives from the concerned ICU/ Ward if the patient is posted for any tests or surgery.
  • After the bath, patient will be prepared for the procedure.
  • After the preparation, patient should take rest in the bed. If required, he may go to the toilet with the help of bystander/ Hospital Staff after obtaining permission from staff nurse.
  • Patient will be prepared for the procedure by 6 A.M and will be transferred to the operation theatre/ cath lab at the scheduled time of surgery/ procedure. Relatives may visit the patient between 6.30 A.M and 7 A.M using the special pass. If the patient is sleeping, he/ she should not be disturbed.
  • After the patient is shifted to the procedure room, the relative(s) may go back to their given address, unless the nurse instructs them to stay in patient waiting area. Once the procedure is over, the doctor will call the relative(s) and talk to them.

After Surgery

  • The postoperative patients are vulnerable to infections. Therefore visitors may be restricted to avoid infection to the patient and others.
  • After discharge, patient and relative(s) should stay within 5 KM distance of the hospital for a few days.
  • Post procedure, the patient has to report to OPD on an appointed date and time for short review/ sutures removal.

Post operative Care for patients of Cardiac Surgery

  • Do the exercise as advised by the physiotherapist.
  • For the expansion of the lungs, use Spiro Meter before the surgery itself.
  • To dissolve sputum, patient should follow inhalation therapy.
  • For clearing the lungs, patient should cough and spit out the sputum.
  • Kindly follow instructions while doing the exercise (breathing, cough etc) after the operation.


  • Depending on the condition of patient, the Doctor will decide about discharge of the patient and the relative will be informed in advance. Relative will be called to hospital when bills are ready. He/she should report to Cash Counter - III, when called to settle the accounts and report to the ward to meet the sister.

Relatives, Attendants, Bystanders

  • This hospital does not allow by-standers to stay with the patients in the wards. But in certain situations if needed, one relative may be allowed as per the discretion of the doctor.
  • Such by-standers must inform the duty nurse when they leave the ward. The time allotted for bystanders for their food is at 8:30 A.M in morning, 1:30 P.M at noon and 7:00 P.M for dinner.
  • A responsible relative of the patient should stay within 5 KM distance of the hospital.
  • Bystanders are not allowed to keep their belongings in the ward.
  • By-standers are not permitted to do their personal care and routines such as bathing, changing cloths and eating food in the ward.
  • Food will not be provided for the bystanders from the hospital.