Nucleation of Five Programs for Mission Mode Industrial R&D in the areas of

  • 1. Cardiovascular Devices
  • 2. Neuro - Prosthetic Devices
  • 3. Hard Tissue Devices
  • 4. In vitro Diagnostics
  • 5. Biological and Combinational Products

Medical Device Regulatory Compliance and certification Facility (MDRCF):

This facility would be focussing on providing service to the Indian Medical Device Industry for meeting regulatory requirements.

Technology Incubator for Medical Devices and Biomaterials (TIMed):

This facility would promote translation of the technologies developed in the five programs proposed above.

Industry - Institute Partnership Cell (IIPC):

The Institute is operating an IIPC for supporting the Indian Medical Device Industry in the areas of training, problem solving and consultancy. This entity will be further augmented and strengthened.