Project Reports

Centre undertakes projects funded by National and International Agencies .The result of these studies were published as project reports.


Small Grant Progrmme on Gender and Social Issues in Reproductive Health Research


Current Status of Service Delivery in the Health and Family Welfare Sector in Kerala: With Particular Reference to Reproductive and Child Health Program
KR. Thankappan, P Sankara Sarma, V.Mohannan Nair, Rajappan Pillai



Independent Review of National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme
Dr.KR Thankappan, Prof. CAK Yesudian, Dr.P Sankara Sarma, Prof. Oommen Philip, Prof. P Ramachandran and Prof. A Joseph


Situational Analysis of MTP Services in Kerala: Provider Perspectives
Dr. Mala Ramanathan, Dr. P Sankara Sarma and Mr. Krishna Kumar CS



Idle Capacity in Resource Strapped Government Hospitals in Kerala: Size, Distribution and Determining Factors
D .Varatharajan, Rajeev Sadanandan, KR.Thankappan and V.Mohanan Nair.


Gender and Medical Education: Report of National Consultation and Background Material
Edited By Amar Jesani and Neha Madhiwalla


Review of Enhanced Malaria Control Project
KR. Thankappan, P Sankara Sarma ,Oommen Philip and P Ramachndran


Public Health School Without Walls: A Report of Network Activities 2001-2002
KR. Thankappan, K .Mohandas, Carel I Jsselmuiden, Reginald Matchaba-Hove and Manju Renjit