List of MPH dissertations(Yearwise)

Santhosh Kumar.M.Dr. Community Based Group Intervention for Tobacco Cessation in Rural Tamilnadu: A Cluster Randomized Trial 2010 AMCHSS
Dhruba Jyoti Borah Treatment Seeking Behavior of People with Malaria Living in Endemic Area and House holds' expenditure incurred to it, in Balipara Block, dist. Sonipur, Assam, North Eastern India 2010 AMCHSS
Aravinda Kumar.M.Dr. Determinants of Underreporting Adverse Drug Reaction(ADR's) : a Study Among Doctors in City of Bangalore 2010 AMCHSS
Sangamithra Krishnamurthy.Dr. Correlates of Anaemia Among Women in Urban Slum of Bengaluru 2010 AMCHSS
Aarthy.R.Dr. Prevalence and Factors Related to Overweight Among Urban Women (19-49 Years) in Salem, Tamil Nadu 2010 AMCHSS
Sourabh Saxena.Dr. Quality of Life and Its Correlates in Central India 2010 AMCHSS
Vishwanath.N.Dr. Policy Study of the Helmet Legislation in Kerala and its Implications 2010 AMCHSS
Dileep Kumar.Dr. Patterns of Utilization of Health Care Services for Common Medical Ailments in Rural Bihar 2010 AMCHSS
Praveen.P.A.Dr. Trust and Sources of Health Information - A Study on Diabetes Mellitus in Urban and Rural Areas of Thiruvananthapuram District, Kerala 2010 AMCHSS
Sagar.T.Dr. Prevalence and Correlates of Dementia - A Community Based Study in Rural Kerala 2010 AMCHSS
Sathish.T.Dr. Change in Cardio Vascular Risk Factor Profile of Rural Cohort in Thiruvananthapuram District, Kerala 2010 AMCHSS
Sony Shah.Dr. HIV/AIDS and Associated Occupational Stress: A Study in Andhra Pradesh 2010 AMCHSS
Uma.V.Sankar Factors Associated with Drug Adherence among Self Reported Diabetic Patients in Rural Thiruvananthapuram 2010 AMCHSS
Bhagya Lakshmi.N.Dr. Prevalence and Factors Associated with Acute Respiratory Infections in Children under Five in Urban Slums of Bangalore City, Karnataka 2010 AMCHSS
Anshul Avijit .Dr. Cultural Correlates of Postpartum Depression among Women of Orissa 2010 AMCHSS
Dr. Tumge Loyi Prevalence And Patterns Of Alcohol Use Among College Students: Comparing Scenario In Arunachal Pradesh And Kerala 2009 AMCHSS
Dr. Subhasis Bhandari Adherence To Anti-Hypertensive Treatment And Its Determinants Among The Urban Slum Dwellers In Kolkata 2009 AMCHSS
Dr.Chiranjeev Bhatachariya Prevalence Of Non-Sterile Occupational Injuries Among Students Of Modern Medicine In Assam 2009 AMCHSS
Dr. Sanjay Sujitranjan Das Occupational Health Problems Among Door To Door Solid Waste Handlers In Surat City, Gujarat 2009 AMCHSS
Dr. Mohammed Asheel Health System Preparedness For Road Traffic Accidents: A Study Of Trauma Care Resources And Geographical Distribution Of Hospitals In Alappuzha District, Kerala 2009 AMCHSS
Dr.Bency Joseph Hygiene Related Adverse Reproductive Health Outcomes Among Adolescent School Girls Of Thiruvananthapuram District 2009 AMCHSS
J.Radha Extent And Determinants Of Utilization Of Rural Emergency Health Transport In Rural Areas Of Medak District, Andrapradesh 2009 AMCHSS
Pinaki Sensarma Immunization Status And Its Determinants Among The Children Of HIV Positive Parents In Kolkata 2009 AMCHSS
Dr.Anitha.A Prevalence, Surgical Coverage And Barriers To Accessing Surgery For Cataract Among The Sixty Plus Population In Chenndamangalam Panchayat, Ernakulum District, Kerala 2009 AMCHSS
Ms.Gayatri Giri Prevalence And Determinants Of Postpartum Morbidities In Rural Block Of Jhagadia, Bharuch, Gujarat 2009 AMCHSS
Ms.Ujjwala Gupta Prevalence Of Diarrhoeal Diseases In Children Under Five Years Of Age In Rural Community Of Jharkhand 2009 AMCHSS
Dr.Indrani Sharma Awareness, Attitude And Perceived Barriers Regarding Implementation Of Cigarettes And Other Tobacco Products Act In Guwahati, Assam 2009 AMCHSS
Dr.Amritha Geevarghese Oral Morbidity And Oral Health Related Quality Of Life In Pregnant Women-A Cross Sectional Comparative Study 2009 AMCHSS
Dr.Madhu Dentition Status And Dental Prosthetic Needs Among Elderly In Ernakulum District, Kerala, India 2009 AMCHSS
Elezebeth Mathew Non Communicable Disease Risk Factors Among the Physically Disabled 2008 AMCHSS
Deepthi Joy.Dr. Television Viewing and Body-Mass-Index among School Going Adolescents of Thiruvanathapuram Corporation, Kerala 2008 AMCHSS
Supriya Bonnic Minz.Dr. Indigenous Health Access to Health Care Among Children in Tribal Dominated Villages of Simdega, Jharkhand with Reference to Acute Respiratory Infections 2008 AMCHSS
Meena Daivadanam.Dr. Acute Coronary Syndrome: Patterns And Correlates Of Household Health Spending 2008 AMCHSS
Kovid Sharma.Dr. Work Practices and Awareness of Health Risks During Mercury Waste Handling among the Nurses in Tertiary Care Hospitals in Baroda 2008 AMCHSS
Venkatesh Vinayak Narayan.Dr. Assessment of Physical Activity and its Correlates among Adults in Rural Kancheepuram District, Tamilnadu 2008 AMCHSS
Miteshkumar N Bhanderi.Dr. Access to Reproductive Health Services in Urban Slums of Rajkot City, Gujarat 2008 AMCHSS
Soumya Sarkar.Dr. Male Having Sex With Male Population (MSM)of Kolkata, High Risk Behaviour and Analysis of the Social Factors 2008 AMCHSS
Deepak K G.Dr. Smoking Patterns and Predictors of Smoking Relapse among Male Tuberculosis Patients in Udupi District of Karnataka State 2008 AMCHSS
Khalipe Mahesh Mahaling. Dr. Disability Among Elderly in the Khanapur Block of Sangli District in Western Maharashtra 2008 AMCHSS
Jayant Kumar Panda.Dr. Risk Factors for Depression among Individuals with Diabetes Mellitus: A Study in Orissa 2008 AMCHSS
Shyam Swaroop Sharma. Dr. Occupational Stress among Teachers Working in Secondary Schools of Karauli District of Rajasthan State 2008 AMCHSS
Rani.S.S.Dr. Challenges in Rabies Control- Gaps and Needs a Descriptive Study in Kerala 2008 AMCHSS
Mini P.Mani Impact of Gender on Care of Type-2 Diabetes in Varkala, Kerala 2008 AMCHSS
Dr.Jagan Kumar B Maternal Periodontal Status And Preterm Delivery A Hospital Based Case - Control Study 2008 AMCHSS
Abhaya Kumar Bohara.Dr. Equity Effect of Rajasthan Health System Development Project on Utilization of Health Services and Unmet Need for Health Care Services: a Case Study from Rajasthan 2007 AMCHSS
Amar Shah.Dr. Integrated Disease Surveillance Project(Idsp) in Gujarat an Evaluation with Particular Reference to Malaria 2007 AMCHSS
Manjunatha R.Dr. A Study of Factors Associated with Sickness Absenteeism among Industrial Workers in Karnataka 2007 AMCHSS
Rekha.M.Raveenran Unintentional Injuries at Home among Preschool Children a Hospital based Study in Trivandrum 2007 AMCHSS
Sudeep Kumar.Dr. Treatment Adherence Among Pulmonary Tuberculosis Patient Under Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme in Uduppi District, Karnataka 2007 AMCHSS
Riddhi Doshi.Dr. Prevalence of Asthma and Related Allergic Conditions Among Rag picker Children in Comparison to Children not Involved in Rag picking in Schools in Govandi Slums of Mumbai 2007 AMCHSS
Muhammed Shaffi.F.Dr. Quality Of Voluntary Counseling And Testing Services In Medical College Of Kerala-Perspective Of HIV Positive Persons 2007 AMCHSS
Simy Mathew.Dr. Compliance of Infection Control Protocol Among Dentists in Trivandrum City, Kerala 2007 AMCHSS
Maitraye Basu.Dr. Levels and Correlates of Maternal Morbidity in Women of 15-49 Years of Age Groups in Urban Slum of Kolkata 2007 AMCHSS
Allen Prabhaker Ugargol.Dr. Telemedicine Utilization Under ISRO Telemedicine Project in Karnataka Focusing on Physician and Telemedicine Center Characteristics 2007 AMCHSS
Manoj Swaminathan.Dr. Spontaneous Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting in the National Pharmacovigilance Programme 2007 AMCHSS
Shibu Vijayan.Dr. Treatment Outcomes of Patients under RNTCP Dots in Kollam District, Kerala 2007 AMCHSS
Divya Bhagyanadh Medical Tourism in Kerala a Descriptive Study 2007 AMCHSS
Sheethal Joy.Dr. Cardiovascular Risk Factors Among Software Professionals in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 2007 AMCHSS
Mohammed Shameel.O.Dr. Tobacco use Pattern among Dental Students and their Attitudes and Practices towards Tobacco Control in Kerala, India 2006 AMCHSS
Ruth Vivek.V Health Care Seeking Behavior among Female Adolescents for Reproductive Morbidities in Urban Slum of Chandigarh 2006 AMCHSS
Arun.R.Dr. Prevalence and Correlates of Depressive Symptoms among inmates of Old age Homes in Kottayam District, Kerala, India 2006 AMCHSS
Preetha Menon.K.Dr .Assessment of Respiratory Morbidity Among Poultry Farm Workers in two Districts of Kerala 2006 AMCHSS
Ashish Kumar Das.Dr. Factors Affecting Prompt Treatment of Malaria in a Tribal District of Orissa 2006 AMCHSS
Ashwani Kumar Singh Performance of Private Health Insurance in New Delhi: an Analysis of Content, Coverage and Outcome 2006 AMCHSS
Rajeshkumar.Dr. Assessment of Awareness and Hygienic Practices among Poultry Butchers in Patna City, Bihar 2006 AMCHSS
Tivendra Kumar.Dr. Factors Associated with Post-Neonatal Mortality in Rural Parts of Faridabad District, Haryana 2006 AMCHSS
Aravind Menon.R Males Having Sex with Male in Kerala: Sexual Health and Health Care Access 2006 AMCHSS
Sumit Shirmali User Free Experience in Madhyapradesh under Rogi Kalyan Samiti 2006 AMCHSS
Dr.Lalnuntlangi Low Birth Weight And Maternal Hospital Based Tobacco Use: A Hospital Based Case Control Study 2006 AMCHSS
Ladish Krishna.Dr. Nutritional Status of Children in Tribal Community of Wayanad 2005 AMCHSS
Shobha.G.Dr. Delays In Health-Seeking Among Post Partum Women In Tribal Blocks Of Gujarat 2005 AMCHSS
Shailaja Thetali.Dr. A Study on Effectiveness of the School AIDS Education Programme in Trivandrum Education District 2005 AMCHSS
Dr. Jacob Kuruvila Dental Caries Status and its Correlates among 15 Year Old School Children in Tvpm District,Kerala 2005 AMCHSS
Vishalkhosla.Dr. Prevalence, Pattern and Correlates of Alcohol Consumption among the Under Graduate Students of Ludhiyana District, Punjab 2005 AMCHSS
Pramod Singh Garti Chhetri Factors associated with Malnutrition among Children in Rural Terai of Eastern Nepal 2005 AMCHSS
Dr. Suraj D.B. Gurung Characteristics of Private Dental Practice Through Provider Perspective in Kathmandu Valley 2005 AMCHSS
Prasad.B.M.Dr. Quality of Private Dental Care: Analysis of Policy and Practice in Karnataka 2005 AMCHSS
Babu Ram Pokhrel Prevalence and Correlates of Tobacco use Among Health Care Providers in Dhanding and Ilam District of Nepal 2005 AMCHSS
Sukumaran.A.Dr .Geographical Mapping of Mental Retardation and Physical Deformities and A Case Control Study of Mental Retardation in Kasaragode District of Kerala State, India 2005 AMCHSS
Sachi Karki An Economic Based Analysis of Community Based Health Insurance Scheme in B. P. Koirala Institute Of Health Science, Dharan, Nepal 2005 AMCHSS
Pratibha Esther Singh.Dr .Relevance of Trained Traditional Birth Attendants in Maternal Health: Case Study of Tehri Garhwal District, Uttaranchal State 2005 AMCHSS
Pyari.T.T.Dr. Correlates of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Tsunami Survivor in Knyakumari District 2005 AMCHSS
Deepa Susan Daniel.Dr. Oral Health Status and its Correlates in A Coastal Community in Tvpm District, Kerala 2005 AMCHSS
William Rachna.Dr. Reproductive Health practices and Health Seeking Behaviour of Female Sex Workers in Tamilnadu 2005 AMCHSS
Arun Bamne.Dr .Role, Response and Responsibilities of Private Hospitals for HIV/AIDS Related Activities in Mumbai 2005 AMCHSS
Lincoln Priyadarshi Choudhury.Dr. Assessment Of Obstetric Practices Related To Prevention Of Transmission Of HIV With Special Reference To Intra-Partum Period In Two Districts Of Kerala, India 2005 AMCHSS
Minni Khetarpal.Dr. Health Care Seeking Behaviour and its Determinants for Sexually Transmitted infections among Sexually Active Adult Population in Mumbai Metropolis 2005 AMCHSS
Aung Cho Study on Evaluation of Community Utilization of Sub-Centres in Five Townships in Magway Division, Myanmar 2004 AMCHSS
Gupteshwar Singh.Dr. Tobacco Use Among Middle School (5-7th Std.) Students in Patna District, Bihar 2004 AMCHSS
Senthil Arasi.D.Dr. Managing Drug Delivery to PHCs: An Appraisalof Tamilnadu Model 2004 AMCHSS
Satyajit Chakraborthy.Dr. Health Seeking Behavior of Aged Population of Rural Block in West Bengal 2004 AMCHSS
Ramakrishna.G.S.Dr .Prevalence and Patterns of Tobacco use among Undergraduate Medical Students in Orissa 2004 AMCHSS
Kabita Khati.Dr. Tobacco Use and its Correlates, among the Patients Attending General Out-Patient Department in State Referral Hospital, Gantoke, Sikkim 2004 AMCHSS
Namgay Shenga.Dr .Knowledge and Attitude Towards Blood Donation among the General Population in Gangtok, East Sikkim 2004 AMCHSS
Asimkumar Dasmalakar.Dr. Gender Differentials in Care Seeking and Delays among RNTCP Patients in Purba Medinipur District, West Bengal 2004 AMCHSS
Manju Renjith Darwin.Dr .Assessing Oral Health Related Quality of Life among Dental Care Seeking Adults in Thiruvanathapuram 2004 AMCHSS
Dr. Aravind.P Depressive Symptoms among the Elderly in Kerala Prevalence, Determinants and Validation of Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS-15) 2004 AMCHSS
Shrihari.J.S.Dr. Patterns of Consumption, and Levels of Addiction among Areca Nut Chewers in Dakshina Kannada District, Karnataka 2004 AMCHSS
Raj Prabha Moktan.Dr. Barriers Underlying Delays among Women Seeking Emergency Obstetric Care in a Referral Hospital in Sikkim 2004 AMCHSS
Iype Joseph.Dr. Surveillance of Malnutrition in Children 2004 AMCHSS
Gracy.A.J The Prevalence of Sputum Positive Pulmonary Tuberculosis in the Sudan People's Liberation Army Held Area Tonj Country-Southern Sudan 2004 AMCHSS
Arupkumar Chakrabartty.Dr. HIV Counselling, Testing and Referral Services in Mental Health Care Settings in Kolkata-a Provider Perspective 2004 AMCHSS
Dave.P.V.Dr. Objectives Based Evaluation of "Camp Approach"-Reconstructive Surgery of Leprosy Affected Persons in Vadodara District 2004 AMCHSS
Raval Dinkar Kantilal.Dr. "Quality of Reproduct 2004 AMCHSS ive Health Care: The Divergent Between Perceptions of Clients and Providers."
Prasanth.K.S. How Adolescents View their Para suicide - A Qualitative Enquiry 2004 AMCHSS
Thinlay Wongyal.Dr. Prevalence of Hazardous Drinking and it's Correlates in a Community in Gyalshing, West Sikkim, India 2003 AMCHSS
Tseten Yamphel Bhutan.Dr. Practice and Perception of Married Men About Different Contraceptive Methods in a Rural Community in East District of Sikkim, India 2003 AMCHSS
Karma Jigme Tobgay.Dr.Health Seeking Behaviour And Delays In Diagnosis & Treatment In Patients Reporting With Cough Of Three Weeks Or More To Tuberculosis Units & Microscopy Centres In East Sikkim 2003 AMCHSS
Asha Raghavan.Dr.Health Seeking Behavior of Tuberculosis Patients of Kollam, Kerala 2003 AMCHSS
Shailesh Mohan.Dr."The Prevalence and Correlates of Tobacco Use among 13-17 Year Old Male High School Going Students in The Corporation Area of Tvpm." 2003 AMCHSS
Devashish Bhattacharyya Assessment of Information, Education, Communication (IEC)Component of Cancer Control Program in Primary Health Care Set Up of Government of Delhi 2003 AMCHSS
Bimal Kumar Rai Epidemiology of Iodine Deficiency Disorders in South District of Sikkim, India 2003 AMCHSS
Laxmaiah.A.Dr. Assessment of Overweight and Obesity and its Predictors among Urban Adolescent School Children, Hyderabad, Andrapradesh 2003 AMCHSS
Sonia Andrews Structure and Functioning of In-Patient Health Care Institutions in Thiruvananthapuram Taluk, Kerala 2003 AMCHSS
Thankachi Yamini Ramachandran.Dr Prevalence of Overweight and Obesity Among School and College Going Adolescent in Rural and Urban Thiruvananthapuram District, Kerala, India 2003 AMCHSS
Kanchana.T.Dr. Determinants Of Infant Mortality In Vidhunagar District, Tamilnadu 2003 AMCHSS
Chitra Grace.A Prevalence Of Diarrhoeal Diseases in Children Under Five Years of Age in Two Rural Communities in Tvpm District, Kerala, India 2003 AMCHSS
Vinai Krishna Sinha Dr. Role Of Non-Government Healthcare Providers In Leprosy Elimination Activities In Sitapur (Uttarpradesh) 2003 AMCHSS
Sandeep.K Assessment of Capacity for Control of Cardio Vascular Diseases and Diabetes in Urban Kerala 2002 AMCHSS
Pradeep Kumar.K.P. Overweight, Hypertension and Self-Reported Diabetes Mellitus: Prevalence, Awareness and Health Seeking Behavior Among Office Goers of Tvpm Corporation, Kerala 2002 AMCHSS
Manju Nair.R Maternal Determinants of Low Birth Weight- A Hospital Based Case Control Study in Trivandrum 2002 AMCHSS
Paul Kumaran.P Assessment of Community Infection Ratio in "Model DOTS Project" Area of Tuberculosis Control 2002 AMCHSS
Rani.K.R Study of Impaired Mobility Among Elderly- An Urban Community Based Study Done in Tvpm Corporation, Kerala, India 2002 AMCHSS
Ajay.V.S .Expenditure Pattern, Perceived Quality and Financing Sources for Pregnancy and Delivery Services in Rural Tvpm, Kerala 2002 AMCHSS
Rohina Joshi Perinatal Neonatal Mortality in Rural Punjab: A Community Based Case - Control Study 2002 AMCHSS
Jeemon.P Assessment of Capacity for Control of Cardio Vascular Disease and Diabetes in Rural Kerala 2002 AMCHSS
Shafiul Islam.Md.Dr. Knowledge, Attitude and Treatment Practice About Hypertension Among Health Care Providers of Bangladesh 2001 AMCHSS
Betty Susan Ninan Determinants of Treatment Non-Compliance Among Pulmonary Tb Patients in Rntcp-Dots, Trivandrum, Kerala ,India 2001 AMCHSS
Joe Varghese Influence Of Provincial Guidelines & Assessment Of Local Health Needs on Resource Allocation & Programme Implementation of Decentralised Local Self Govts In Kerala, India 2001 AMCHSS
Biju Gopinath Prevalence and Correlates of Dental Caries and the Assessment of Dental Treatment Needs in School Going Children of Standard 8 In Trivandrum City 2001 AMCHSS
Deepa Mathew Burden of Self Reported Morbidity and its Correlates Among People Above the Age of Forty Five Years: A Community Based Survey in Rural Kerala 2001 AMCHSS
Roy.N Prevalence, Risk Factors, Treatment Practices and Direct Cost of Acute Respiratory Infections(Ari), Among Children Under Five Years of Age in Rural Trivandrum District 2001 AMCHSS
Saiju Hameed Rationality Pattern and Determinants of Prescribing Behaviour among Modern Medicine Practitioners of Thiruvananthapuram District, Kerala 2001 AMCHSS
Abraham.P.George Solid Waste Management In Thiruvnananthapuram City : A Case Study 2000 AMCHSS
Jayakrishnan.R Prevalence of Periodontal Disease and its Association with Tobacco Use: A Community Based Study in Tvpm District, Kerala 2000 AMCHSS
Anuradha.R Menstrual Hygiene Practices and Reproductive Morbidity: A Community Based Survey in Rural Tvpm, Kerala 2000 AMCHSS
Anjan Kumar Nag Prevalence and Correlates of Hypertension in the Elderly: A Rural Community Based Survey in Rural Bangladesh 2000 AMCHSS
Iftekhar Quasem,Md.Prevalence and Correlates of Hypertension in the Elderly: A Community - Based Survey in Urban Bangladesh 2000 AMCHSS
Mrunal Shetye The Prevalence of Hypertension and its Correlates in Elderly Population in Pune Maharashtra, India. 2000 AMCHSS
Shiney.C. Alex The Prevalence of Hypertension and its Correlates in Elderly: A Rural Urban Comparison in Thiruvnanthapuram District, Kerala 2000 AMCHSS
Manu .G. Zachariah Prevalence and Correlates of Hypertension Among the Middle Aged Population in Urban, Thiruvananthapuram 2000 AMCHSS
Ibrahim Kutty.C Anti Microbial Usage in Animals and Practices Associated with Anti Microbial Therapy of Bovine Mastitis in Kozhicode District, Kerala 1999 AMCHSS
Sowmini .C.V A Study of the Self Reported Reproductive Morbidity in the Context of Contraceptive Use and Analysis of the Service Related Determinants of Reproductive Morbidity 1999 AMCHSS
Vinod Kumar.P.Dr. Animal Slaughter Practices in Rural Kerala a Descriptive Study 1999 AMCHSS
Suresh.R.Dr. Preventive Measures Against Hospital Acquired Infections: Awareness and Compliance by Health Care Delivery Staff With Special Emphasis on AIDS 1999 AMCHSS
Pradeep Kumar.A.S.Dr Consumption of Tobacco Products in a Rural Community In Kerala 1999 AMCHSS
Suneetha.S Inter District Variations and Determinants of Health Status Indices in the State of Kerala 1998 AMCHSS
Aysha Beegom.A High Risk Pregnancies and other Clinical Out Comes 1998 AMCHSS
Gopalakrishnan.P A Study on the Prevalence of Dental Flourosis and Associated Factors in Ambalapuzha District Kerala 1998 AMCHSS
Radhakrishnan.T Socio Economic And Demographic Factors Associated With Birth Weight - A Study in Kadakampally, Thiruvananthapuram 1998 AMCHSS
Joy Elamon People's Campaign for Ninth Plan( An Analysis Of Health Sector Project Prepared by Grama Panchayats of Tvpm Districts) 1998 AMCHSS
Kalavathy.M.C. Morbidity due to Chronic Diseases in the Aged Population -an Urban Rural and Coastal Comparison 1998 AMCHSS
Lal.S.S. A Study of Gender related and Rural- Urban Differences in Knowledge and Attitude Towards AIDS sexuality And Related Gender Issues Among The College Students In Kerala 1998 AMCHSS
Mohanan Nair.V Multipurpose Health Workers in Primary Health Care ( An Inter- District Sub centre- based Study from Kerala: S.India) 1998 AMCHSS